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Rock-A-Feller® cigars exemplify prestige and exquisite taste blended in an incomparable combination of perfectly aged tobaccos. Inspired by the era known as the age of American Enterprise, the creation of each Rock-A-Feller® cigar captures a rich American history of men and women who prospered during the time of the Great Depression. Their entrepreneurial spirit made the United States the foremost economy of the 20th century. Their legacy reverberates today with a new generation of entrepreneurs now driven by both the passion to control their own economic destiny, and to build companies that will impact the world in a positive way.


Corona | Torpedo | Toro | Toro Gordo | Toro Corto | Toro Especiale | Churchill | Box Press Churchill | Robusto  Robusto Gordo

Pyramid | Short Pyramid | Cognac Belicoso Gordo | Cognac Short Pyramid




It is a true VALUE smoke.
Kinky Elmore, Blogger - Pop’s Safari Cigar Blogger
88 Cigar Aficionado october 2013 issue review Habano Church… proven that a great smoke doesn’t have to empty your wallet.
G. Clay Whittaker, Tasting Coordinator/Editorial Assistant - Cigar Insider and Cigar Aficionado
These stogies are definitely worth picking up and having a few in the humidor.
The Stick Stickler, Blogger - Cigar Blog
The (Rock-A-Feller) Connecticut Churchill is a mild, well-balanced cigar that is a great choice for newbies or even the experienced puffer looking for a pleasant smoke…
Jason Zayner, Blogger - Covering Your Ash
…a great first cigar in the morning with a cup of coffee.
Smoke Magazine, Panelist #1 - SMOKE 2011 Volume XVI, Issue 3
…the cigar was super creamy and quite good
A.Stripp, Blogger - Puff.com
…a good medium bodied smoke… Hearty wood flavors with a hint of a muted black pepper & vanilla… the (Habano) short torpedo is smoking pretty darn good.
Shawn, Blogger - NiceTightAsh.com